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Suchaehwa application

Women’s daily necessities

Vaginal cleaner watercolor is used in this case.

2-3 days before menstruation is completely over
The reason for the longer period of menstruation is because the blood is attached to the vaginal wall.
If you use watercolor to wash away the blood, it will also solve discomfort and odor, and shorten the period.

After enjoying various leisure activities such as sauna and swimming, mountain climbing and golfing
Since the vagina of women is likely to invade bacteria from outside and propagate, using Suchaehwa after leisure activities is recommended.
If you use it, you can prevent infection and manage the health of women.

When you are concerned about the secretion
It removes the irritated secretions and the smell of the secretions. It eliminates the worries of women.

When suffering from vaginitis, vaginal dryness, itching

When you feel the need for periodic vaginal cleaning

The backs are cumbersome, When I do not get bored with just the backing

Before and after sharing love

When there is a sickness and bathing is impossible

It is easy for bacteria to enter the vagina. For prevention, quality must always be clean.

생리 완전히 끝나기 2~3일 전에
생리기간이 길어지는 이유는 질 벽내에 부착된 잔혈이 나오기 때문입니다.
수채화를 사용하여 잔혈을 씻어내면 불쾌감과 냄새도 해결, 기간도 단축시키는 효과를 가져옵니다.

사우나 및 수영, 등산, 골프 등 각종 레저활동을 즐긴 후에
여성의 질은 외부로부터 세균침입 및 번식의 우려가 있으므로, 레저활동 후 수채화를
사용하시면 감염을 예방하여 여성을 건강하게 관리할 수 있습니다.

냉, 대하 등 분비물로 신경 쓰일 때
신경쓰이는 분비물과 그에 따른 냄새까지 제거해 여성분들의 걱정을 말끔하게 해소합니다.

질염이나, 질 건조증, 가려움증으로 고생할 때

주기적 질내 세정의 필요성을 느낄 때

뒷물이 번거롭고, 뒷물만으로는 개운치 않을 때

사랑을 나누기 전, 후에

병이 생겨 입욕이 불가능할 때

질에는 세균이 침입하기 쉽습니다. 예방을 위해서도 질은 항상 철결히 해야합니다.

※ Notes on Suchaehwa usage
1. Always keep your hands clean when using watercolors.
2. If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before using.
3. If you have any inflammation or other abnormalities during use, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
4. Watercolor is pH-adjusted pure water. Do not use tap water for reuse because it is disposable.
5. Watercolor is a product to clean the inside of the vagina.
6. Discharge after use and discard.
7. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a clean place.