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What is Suchaehwa

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What is Suchaehwa?

The vagina of women is the life conception and childbirth,
And for life’s sake it is the
place where the Creator’s joy is given.

Modern women are becoming more sensitive due to severe environmental pollution, irregular physiological phenomena caused by frequent fatigue and extreme stress, and women’s vaginal infection factors are increasing day by day. At the same time, the vagina is moist and warm and has good conditions for germs to reproduce.

Suchaehwa is weak acid sterilized purified water developed by Korean domestic pure technology for the cleanliness of the vagina of women. It is an easy-to-use portable feminine scrubber.


The inside of the vagina of women is acidic and prevents the propagation of germs. However, when the balance of acidity is broken due to various environmental and psychological external factors, it is accompanied by yeast infection, unpleasant smell and pain due to bacterial growth. Vaginitis can also cause serious STDs or cervical cancer, depending on the type of vaginitis.

Washing with water for cleanliness may cause bacterial growth by dropping acidity inside the vagina.

Do you use chemicals that are added to sensitive and sensitive places?

The cleansing water of watercolor is weak acid only by the process of refining using ionized water and ozone treatment, and it is a product that can be used with confidence because it does not add any chemicals.

Wash the inside!

When you decide to use the vaginal health care product, you should wash it properly. Why are you brushing just the outside?

You should wash your inside that is irritated by the unpleasant secretions that is caused by the anxiety of the late menstrual period, the swimming, the mountain climbing.

You do not just wipe your lips with toothpaste right?
Take a shower in a cool, clean and sufficient amount of pure purified water of 110ml.
You can experience the refreshness.